COVID-19 updates and policies

The past year with COVID-19 has certainly changed how we get together with others and how we interact in large groups. Because of the pandemic and the current environment, we’re making some updates for 2021 to help keep Anime Fargo as safe as is practical.

Anime Fargo is committed to safety during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Current vaccination rates, locally and in the region, are trending well and safety protocols, procedures, and guidance are being updated regularly.

With this recent vaccination progress in mind, Anime Fargo is planning to host an in-person convention for 2021. We are holding our annual convention this year at the Ramada By Wyndham in Fargo, from Sept 11 through Sept 13.

           The leads and staff have been keeping watch of protocols and guidance from other local and regional conventions, and feel that, by September, it’ll be possible to have a safe and fun convention! This also means there are some changes this year to make sure that this year’s event is safe, and health risks are minimized for attendees, guests, and staff – such as extra safety precautions and programming changes.

Policy updates:

  • Attendees must follow posted safety guidelines and safety-related directives from convention staff.
  • In the case that you register and cannot attend due to COVID, or in the event that the convention must move to a virtual format: Registration and sponsorships for 2021 will be deferred to the 2022 convention.
  • A safe and fun convention is our highest priority!

Our current safety plan includes:

  • Mask guidance will be posted in programming rooms and common areas for each room or event. These will be based on CDC guidelines and other safety guidance and requirements from North Dakota, the City of Fargo, and safety requirements for our guests.
  • Sanitizer stations will be available throughout the convention.
  • Clear plexiglass barriers will be in place for multiple areas, such as panels, karaoke, vendors, etc.
  • Attendance limits may be in place for event rooms where necessary and based on CDC, state, and local guidance.
  • Temperature checks may be required at registration.
  • Specialized cleaning protocols will be in place for Tabletop Gaming, E-Gaming, and Karaoke.

Programming updates:

We do regret that some changes will need to be made for some convention events. Some events are higher risk than others, and we’re continuously reviewing the schedule and discussing with staff to make adjustments to improve safety.

  • Because of the logistical challenges for staff with enforcing safety guidelines and potential liability concerns, we aren’t able to sanction con suites/party rooms this year. This does not mean that you can’t have fun in your room :), but this year we cannot officially sanction the rooms.
  • Currently, we aren’t able to safely host a dance or rave event this year. We are looking at some alternative options.
  • Charity Auction will be partially online, partially in-person.
  • Some events may have limited signup, such as cosplay and gaming events.

These policies and procedures are subject to change based on new developments and based on our continuous review of the pandemic environment and our safety procedures.