Did you know Anime Fargo is a non profit charity? Digital Grail is the parent organization of Anime Fargo and is a 501C3 organization meaning your contributions are tax deductible. We raise money each year for other charities too.


In 2018  your bids on silent auction and other fundraising will be contributed to the following organizations:

Extra Life raises money for local children’s hospitals through marathon gaming events. Not only does Anime Fargo raise money for them but many of our staff participate in the marathons as well.







The Fargo Air and Space Museum is a logical local charity for Anime Fargo to support with our theme this year of Galactic Adventures. <whoosh>





The Cats Cradle is a local shelter and our fur friend charity of choice. Because of our Galactic Adventures theme ask them for their kittens with laser eyes. <pew pew>