Photography- The Save Point

The Save Point.

Like to Cosplay? Capture your moment at the Anime Fargo’s Photography Room #170, “The Save Point”. Do it before the boss battle and your props break, tunic tears or major spillage ruins your wig.

No Cost for general photos that Anime Fargo will possibly use for social media, advertising or their website. If you would like to purchase prints or have a more elaborate photo shoot you may contract with the individual volunteer photographers. Anime Fargo is not responsible for any contracts made.

Scheduled Photo Shoots:

Friday open before and after opening ceremonies until 10:00


7:30 Naruto

8:00 Open to any and all cosplay


10:00 Star Wars Shoot

10:30 Frozen Shoot

11:00 Zelda

11:30 Attack on Titan

12:00 Overwatch

12:30  Dagnanronpa

1:30 Square Enix

2:00 Pokemon

2:30 RWBY

3:00 Pics with Angelica Cosplay.


Angelica will be wearing Sailor Moon but anyone is welcome to take photos with her.