Artists’ Alley

Studio Titanwerks

Artists’ Alley is the iconic area of our convention where artists are able to showcase and sell the product of their creativity and talents! We’re proud to have so many artists interested in Anime Fargo, and we’ve always received great feedback and praise from the artists we’ve hosted. Because the world has a case of Con Crud we are not having an in person convention for 2020. Please join us on our Discord server . We will do our best to showcase the talented artists that regularly attend Anime Fargo.

We are adding flairs to artists in Discord and assembling a Google doc with information to make available to con attendees for a recommended donation of $10. If interested, please fill out this form. The donation is not required – we understand that many of our artists may not have the means. We’re just happy to try to connect you to our online attendees.

If you have any questions, please email!