Party Rooms

Party rooms are arguably one of the best parts of a convention! They are hotel rooms redesigned by fans by whatever means and with whatever theme they deem fit. Anime Fargo does not fund or set up any part of these rooms—that’s the responsibility of the person (or people) hosting the party room. The theme of the party room doesn’t even have to fall under the theme of the convention. As long as you think people will enjoy it, roll with it!

One of the perks of hosting a party room is that we provide 2 (two) weekend passes to hosts. Applying to host a party room does not guarantee your application will be approved. After submitting an application, we will send you a contract that you will need to sign and return with a $50.00 deposit. Don’t worry, you will get that deposit back when you check in on the first day of the con! Please note, however, that you as the host are responsible for the cost of the hotel room.

**BONUS: Like last year, Anime Fargo is paying for 1 night of the hotel room cost for party rooms. So, you only have to pay for 1 night!**

Contact with any questions.

If you would like to host a party room please fill out the form below.