General Conduct Policy

General Conduct Rules

  • HAVE FUN. Let’s not hide it—this convention is for you, the fans, who have given us your money to help make this possible. This is our first year, so there are kinks to work out and not everything will run smoothly. Try to BE POSITIVE and have a blast even if things aren’t perfect! We’re all here to have a good time.
  • BE RESPECTFUL. Respect the hotel, respect other congoers, respect hotel staff, respect Anime Fargo staff, respect others staying at the hotel. Pick up after yourself and be mindful of the property. Follow instructions given by staff members.
  • WEAR YOUR BADGE and keep it visible at all times. If you enter any convention room without a badge, you will be asked to leave.
  • Our Guests, Artists, and Vendors don’t have PTO, masks will be worn near them.
  • All state, federal, and local laws must be honored during the convention. This includes curfews. If it is illegal outside the convention, it’s illegal inside the convention, so don’t do it. There will be absolutely NO UNDERAGE DRINKING. Do not provide alcohol to minors, and do not try to get alcohol if you are underage or don’t have an ID. Just don’t do it.
  • NOISE. Particularly in the late night hours, try and keep the noise level down. Others are trying to sleep.
  • Should you lose something or find something that’s not yours, please visit the LOST AND FOUND in Registration (Room 174).
  • In the event of an EMERGENCY, please call 911 or contact convention or hotel staff for assistance. <pew pew>

Hotel Rules

  • Please be respectful of hotel property and staff. We don’t want anything broken, and we’re sure you don’t want to be responsible for something being broken. Just keep in mind that we’re all guests at the hotel, and we want them to love us!
  • Only use painter’s tape (any brand will do) to hang posters and things like that around the convention. Anything else will be (carefully) taken down. Again, we don’t want to break the hotel!
  • Please note that curfew hours for the city of Fargo are between 11pm and 6am. Minors (any person under age 16) are not allowed to be in a public space without a parent or guardian during this time (this includes the public spaces of the hotel). See City of Fargo Ordinances, Article 10-0104.