Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Contest Info

It’s no secret that cosplaying is a core part of a great convention, so of course we at Anime Fargo are more than happy to host a cosplay contest for all of our registrants!  Please see below for information about this year’s cosplay contest as well as general guidelines for the contest. It’s also a good idea to check out our Cosplay/Weapons Policy prior to the convention.

NOTE:  The information below is subject to change and will be updated as soon as we know more! If you have questions after reading through the entire information/policies/FAQ, please email us at or contact us via our Facebook page.

Anime Fargo Cosplay Contest Information and Policies

  • Sign Up: Sign Up and Liability Forms will be available on Friday the 13th from 12pm – 8pm in front of registration. Submitting a form is an agreement that you will participate in the Anime Fargo Cosplay Competition on Saturday of Anime Fargo weekend. After 9:45am on Saturday, we will no longer be accepting applicants. A costume or uniform recreating or resembling any local, state, or federal law enforcement will not be allowed. If you cannot provide proof that you are a law enforcement officer you will be asked to change.
  1. Orientation: All entries are required to attend the Anime Fargo Cosplay Contest Orientation at 10:00am Saturday morning in Main Programming (Woodland North). If you do not attend, or show up after we take attendance, you will not be allowed to partake in the contest. During Orientation we will go over Rules and Guidelines, give out times for Rehearsal and Workmanship Judging, and answer any remaining questions. Please bring a pen and paper for any questions you may have.
  • Rehearsal: Rehearsal times will be given during Orientation and will take place in Main Programming. Please be on time for rehearsal. Again, if you are not present after we take attendance, you will not be allowed to partake in the contest. Rehearsal will be your time to practice getting on and off stage, setting your marks with the tech crew and hearing the emcee announce your entry. Please arrive in full costume.
  • Skits: If performing a skit or requesting music please keep it 1 to 2 minutes long. Also have a printed script if you want to include the MC’s. You must have your music or audio on a flash drive as an mp3 file. We are unable to download off of YouTube or phones. You are responsible for any copyrights. If speaking we encourage using the microphone so that the hard of hearing can be included. If you can’t hold a mic and your props, please pre-record your dialogue.
  • Workmanship Judging: Workmanship judging will be happening the same time as rehearsals. If you have chosen to have your costume judged, you will be given a time slot at Orientation. Judging will happen in Elm. Woodland North is where the rehearsal and contest will take place. Workmanship judging is optional, but strongly encouraged!
  • Green Room: All entries are required to be in the Workmanship Judging room (Elm), no later than 15 minutes before the show starts. Exact time will be specified at Orientation. Please check-in with the Cosplay Contest staff when you arrive. All entrants are to arrive in full costume and makeup. Special consideration may be provided to entrants with difficult costumes if notice is given to event staff prior to the event. Once checked in entrants will be assigned to an area/seat and a staff member will be in the room to answer any questions. All entrants are required to follow the direction of the event staff once checked in and are asked not to leave for the duration of the event. Please be aware that the Green Room is not the biggest, please leave any excess bags and items in your hotel room.  Makeup and Sewing Kits are okay. : please be present outside of Green Room 5 min before your entry judge time for check in. If you are not being judged, please follow instructions for stage familiarity, and then arrive 15 min before stage time for lineup. 

Prohibited in the Green Room:

  • Individuals who are not entrants in the event (this does not apply to guardians supervising minors).
  • Any food, please eat prior to coming.
  • Drinks other than water (no cups, bottles only).
  • Leaving without acknowledgment of event staff

While in the Green Room, please contact one of the staff if you need anything or have any questions. It is strongly recommended that everyone eat before arriving at the Green Room.


  • Best Prop
  • Best Novice
  • Runner Up Novice
  • Best Journeyman Class
  • Runner up Journeyman Class
  • Best Master Class
  • Runner up Master Class
  • Best Representation of Theme*

Awards for Novice, Journeyman, and Master are only eligible to those participating in Workmanship Judging.

*Best Representation of Theme is eligible to all participants.

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Cosplay Contest FAQ

Are group entries allowed?

  • Yes, please keep in mind that each individual will be judged on their Cosplay and not as a group.

Are skits allowed?

  • Yes! The time limit is 2 minutes.

What is the best way to get my custom music to you for my entry?

  • Flash/thumb drive is preferred. Other methods are not guaranteed.

Can I speak onstage or does that have to be pre-recorded?

  • You’re welcome to speak onstage, but keep in mind without a microphone you may not be heard. Consider holding props and a mic before deciding. We have had groups pre-record dialogue in the past, and it worked well for them (since they didn’t have to remember lines and they knew the whole room would hear it).

Do I get to decide what the emcees say when I walk onstage?

  • Yes! When registering or at Orientation please find Nita and give her your full name and write what you would like said (please be sure everything is legible to avoid a stumble on your announcement).

I’m not sure if I’m novice, journeyman, or master. What do I pick?

  • When in doubt pick Novice. If your skills are higher than that our Judges will move you to the level they feel you fit in best.

What is Workmanship Judging?

  • During Workmanship Judging, the judges will assess how much of your costume (if any) is handmade and how you made it. This is your chance to talk about the work you put into your costume! You can bring progress photos, but whether or not they are looked at is up to the judges. You can opt out of Workmanship Judging, but it is encouraged that you give it a shot.

Can I enter with the same costume I’ve used in previous years?

  • Yes, but you’ll be asked how you’ve changed or improved your costume. In this case, progress photos would be strongly encouraged.

Are there prizes for winning? What are they?

  • Yes. The best of in each class will win free registration to next year’s convention. Any other prizes TBA.