Would you like to help make Anime Fargo the amazing convention that it is? How would you like the chance to go to Anime Fargo next year for free? If your answer is yes to either question then consider sparing a couple hours and volunteer at this years con to help make this convention amazing by joining Buffington’s Brigade! Details on some of the perks of volunteering are below. Contact volunteers@animefargo.org with any questions.

Without your help and support our con won’t be half as cool! Even if you don’t have experience or much time, we are grateful for any time you’re willing to spare to help Anime Fargo be the most it can be! We mostly need help with setting up and taking down for the convention, doing badge checks in certain areas, and keeping an eye on some of our rooms (like screening and tabletop). We could also use help with our security team so if this sounds interesting to you please put that into the form.


This year if you volunteer at least four hours at Anime Fargo you will be walking away with a small gift of gratitude and the staff’s thanks. Also, for every hour you volunteer at Anime Fargo you will be put into a raffle for one of two free passes to the next years Anime Fargo and other goodies to be announced closer to the convention.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I get a free badge if I volunteer?

No. You will have to pay for a badge. You can get a free badge by signing up as an Anime Fargo staff member or volunteering in the current year to win a free badge for next year.

Why are you asking if I am over 18?

We have some 18+ panels/showings occurring at Anime Fargo 2019 and we would like to keep volunteers in charge of those areas to be over 18.

What does badging mean?

All you do is check someone for a badge when entering a room or area (You even get a comfy chair to sit in). If a person entering the area does not have a badge, politely ask them to show it and if needed remind them that a badge is needed to partake in Anime Fargo.

I can’t lift heavy things?  Should I still volunteer?

YES!  We can still use you to help badge, keep an eye on the rooms, and keep doors open during setup and takedown.  

Why should I volunteer?

It is a great way to meet new people and make friends that share a common interest. It helps this convention grow and lets you give back to the geek community. Plus it does look nice on college applications, job applications and anything that asks for volunteer work. Finally, there is the chance to win free admission to Anime Fargo 2019 and a few other great prizes.

OK I filled the form, now what?

When we get closer to Anime Fargo 2019 (middle of June) you will get an email with a schedule that you can fill out.  That way, you are guaranteed hours and know what you are doing before the convention.

Can I sign up to become a volunteer at the convention itself?

Yes, there will be a volunteer desk in which you can fill out a form and sign up for hours (as long as we have them available).

I will be in a panel or part of the cosplay competition, will I be forced to work certain hours?

No, if you sign up to be a volunteer you can pick your hours.


Are you on social media?

Yes, Buffington’s Brigade of Anime Fargo can be found on Facebook. Buffington’s Brigade

If you have questions on the positions or perks please email us at Volunteer@animefargo.org.

If you are interested please fill out the form below and we will be reaching out to you as the convention gets closer.

If you have questions on the positions or perks please email us at Volunteer@animefargo.org.