Fan Contest

Anime Fargo is very happy to exist thanks to all you fans out there. One way we’d like to thank you is by showing our support for your fan creations. Anime Fargo supports a fan contest where we have Fan Fiction, Fan Art, and AMVs.

We plan to show entries during the Cosplay Contest while judges are deliberating and we will be announcing our winners at Closing Ceremonies!


  • All entries must be received IN ADVANCE by (to be announced)11:59 pm CST.
  • Please submit only your own work. Entries with multiple creators will not be accepted.
  • All videos must be less than 7 minutes in length total.
  • Anime Fargo is a family friendly convention, so please keep that in mind with your entries.
  • Any entry not following these rules is subject to disqualification.
  • Any entries submitted in a language other than English will be translated using google translate.
  • You must be registered for Anime Fargo by the submission deadline in order for your entry to be considered for an award.

Submission Instructions:


  • Judging will take place before the convention by a panel of staff members. The panel will choose first, second, and third place overall winners, and may incorporate additional Judge’s Choice awards for entries that fit the year’s theme particularly well.


  • Awards will vary based on number of entries. First through Third place will be awarded for each category. More prizes may be awarded at the judges’ discretion.

Inquiries, Questions or Entries can be directed to: