COVID-19 policies

The past few years with COVID-19 have certainly changed how we get together with others and how we interact in large groups. Because of the pandemic and the current environment, we’re making some updates to help keep Anime Fargo as safe as is practical.

The chairs and staff have been keeping watch of protocols and guidance from other local and regional conventions, and feel that, by September, it’ll be possible to have a safe and fun convention! This also means there are some changes this year to make sure that this year’s event is safe, and health risks are minimized for attendees, guests, and staff – such as extra safety precautions and possible programming changes.


  • Attendees must follow posted safety guidelines and safety-related directives from convention staff. Staff and convention chairs have full discretion over enforcement of these policies
  • Policies are subject to change based on the ever-changing situation. We anticipate possibly relaxing these policies as guidelines and convention practices change over time. We do reserve the right to change these policies as we feel is necessary for the safety of attendees, staff, and our guests.
  • A safe and fun convention is our highest priority!


While we strongly encourage everyone to get COVID vaccinations, Anime Fargo cannot require vaccinations or negative tests to attend Anime Fargo.

North Dakota Century Code, section 23-12-20 prohibits a requirement of COVID-19 vaccinations or negative tests to gain entry or access to any product or service. We understand that this applies to Anime Fargo, and so we are unable to require COVID vaccinations.


Masks will be required in Anime Fargo rooms, including panels, vendors, screening, tabletop, e-gaming, etc. This aligns with policies of other conventions that have been successful in reducing the spread of both COVID and “con crud”.

Areas that require masks will have signs indicating so, and convention staff are empowered to remind attendees about masks and enforce mask requirements in Anime Fargo rooms.

Masks in this COVID policy refer to opaque cloth/paper masks, or N95 masks. Use your best judgement and ask if you have any questions. Our safety team, convention chairs, and staff are empowered to make judgements on what is allowed or not allowed for masks.

Cosplay costumes should also expect to include masks for areas of the convention where masks are required. Some costumes may include masks or an equivalent covering. If you have questions with your costume, please reach out to us with any questions.

For other areas of the hotel (con suites, other non-convention areas), we recommend masking where possible and practical, according to relevant guidelines.


We will provide sanitizer stations at key points throughout the convention space for everyone to use. It’s not just for COVID, these can help prevent spread of colds, flus, and “con crud” in general.


We are working with guests and those running events and panels to determine their requirements and needs. This may include distancing in panel rooms, barriers on tables, etc. These safety measures will be implemented as requested by our guests and staff.

Please understand that our guests and panels may have specific requirements for their events and may make special requests related to room layouts, seating capacity, etc. Any specific requirements for panels or events will be noted if applicable.

Artist Alley/Vendor room:

Masks will be required in the artist/vendor space since this is a high-risk area with a lot of people travelling through the room. Distancing is recommended for attendees visiting the artist and vendor spaces, and we will work with vendors and artists to address their requests and needs.